Procrastination is easy, isn’t it? Especially when you’re a creative person. The same skill set that allows us to create unique or interesting art is also extremely good at coming up with excuses to do things that we don’t want to do.When I was young I was very active and could cycle from the west end of Toronto to my friends on the east side to go play a few games of tennis and come back without feeling any exhaustion. That’s how I remember it at least and that feeling of being boundless is still within me. At least it was until last year when I woke up one beautiful summer day and decided to go for a run. It wasn’t 2 kilometres until I was keeled over on the side of a neighbourhood street gasping for air.

I was immediately hit with the realisation that my self-image of a fit individual was shattered. How did I stray so far from the lifestyle a lead in my youth where I couldn’t even handle a short run?

After a questionably long recovery period, I started to look at how I treated my health over the years. There were so many things I have prioritized that all seemed critically important but health clearly wasn’t one of them. This had to stop and if I was going to adjust myself lifestyle to fit my self-image of a healthy and active person I needed a plan I could commit to. I knew that to keep myself motivated I would need a specific goal with a defined deadline.

This brings us to New Years Day 2018. Sick of making excuses, I did what many of us would do I went online and searched Google for fitness motivation. I started watching some inspiring YouTube videos that made me feel like I was already getting ripped vicariously through watching these athletes push boundaries. Then, I came across a video called F*Ck Average by CT Fletcher which completely changed my mindset. CT Fletcher didn’t give me that false satisfaction that I had seen in other videos, he made me understand that there were no excuses and the only way to get in shape is through hard work training to be better than myself.

If you have never seen anything by CT Fletcher he is a former powerlifting champion and fitness vlogger. He is a no-nonsense personal training who pushes some of the worlds top weightlifters with passion and raw will of mind. I recommend to anyone who needs a kick in the butt to check out his YouTube channel here.

Feeling motivated and uncomfortable with how my previous fitness routines attempts had gone I knew I needed to set some goals that I would be held accountable to. I chose 3 events to participate in for this year in accelerating difficulty.

  1. Sporting Life 10k – Running
  2. Ride for Heart – 75k Cycling
  3. Scotiabank – 42k Running

Over the next few days, I will be starting a new fitness routine that will hopefully prepare me for these events. The training will push me harder and hurt more than anything I’ve done in a long time. These events have given me the deadlines I needed to achieve the lifestyle change and push me to be better than I am today.

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