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I founded a company called Helium. It was born out of a desire to bring personality and humanity back to online digital marketing.

Helium founder, Michael Wood using a video camera on set

Using experimentation and evolving marketing strategies, I share personal, business and community stories through the lens of a camera.

When I am not shooting, I work with a variety of community organizations to develop, grow, and support important social programs and activities that benefit our community as a whole. As a young entrepreneur myself, helping local youth pursue their entrepreneurial goals is a personal vocation of mine.

I am very proud to have built a career that allows me to stay involved with the community, and impact others. Priding myself on integrity, ambition and compassion, I work to incorporate these three pillars in every facet of my life.

Business Ventures

Michael Wood

I’m the founder of Helium Ventures. I made this website to share useful information I’ve picked up over my career.

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